Upheaval title

Upheaval Press Kit



Master the secrets of a changing fantasy world in Upheaval, a text-based open world roguelike adventure. Explore the wilds around your remote village as you track down magic treasures, aid or disrupt factions, and match wits with an enigmatic Magician. Be ready: Upheaval is coming!


  • Incredibly replayable! 30-90 minute adventures, endless possibilities.
  • Thousands of possible endings! Each adventure will be different.
  • Immersive art and sound! Background graphics and ambient sound effects supplement the descriptive text to help you immerse yourself in the world.
  • Mobile-friendly! Demo and alpha on Android now, iOS planned.
  • Blind-accessible! Screen reader support available for the Command Line version, text-to-speech is planned for the graphical version.


Alex Leone is a solo developer working in St. Paul, MN, USA. Alex began developing Upheaval in January 2022. Alex has been making games since 2003. Upheaval will be his first commercial title.